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Börse Stuttgart Makes a Sound Investment in its Digital Transformation

Börse Stuttgart is building on its 150-year reputation of stock-trading excellence by digitally transforming the stock exchange’s financial markets and products. As the second-largest stock exchange in Germany, and the ninth-largest in Europe, Börse Stuttgart has always been an industry trend-setter.

“Innovation is our tradition. In this age of digitization, we rely on the most modern technologies—and the power of data—to offer ground-breaking trading options to our investors.”
 – Peter Litschel, CIO, Börse Stuttgart

The stock exchange’s clients depend on it to deliver a fair and orderly market with guaranteed liquidity for their financial investments. Those customers also demand instantaneous transaction capability from Börse Stuttgart.

Exchange officials know that if they can’t ensure these provisions, they will lose traders. One outage has the potential to tarnish 150-years’ worth of reputation.

FlexPod’s Platform Helps Keep Börse Stuttgart’s Reputation Shiny

As the data infrastructure centrepiece of Börse Stuttgart’s private cloud, FlexPod’s Cloud-Connected Converged Infrastructure keeps the exchange’s dynamic environment running smoothly. Flexpod supports all areas of the exchange, from virtual desktops on the trading floor to virtualized applications that generate billions of calculations per day.

Börse Stuttgart modernized its infrastructure with private cloud running on FlexPod because they know they can rely on the FlexPod platform. Read the full case study here.

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