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FlexPod for AI and ML: A Standard as Steadfast as Electricity

Standards are universal, often seeming as if they’ve always been in place. In fact, standards evolve over time. One standard that comes to mind is electricity. Today we rarely think about electricity, but it wasn’t always that way. Over time, mechanical power gave way to on-premises electrical power of centralized generation over standard voltages and frequencies. Today, we simply plug in without giving it a second thought.

Like electricity, the FlexPod® converged infrastructure solution from NetApp and Cisco is becoming a standard. What makes a converged infrastructure a standard?

  • An industry leader, able to handle nearly all workloads, including different versions of applications.
  • It would have a long history of growth and be built on existing standards and standard processes.
  • It would be growing and evolving to handle new workloads and technologies.

Trust, efficiency, and security are also integral to becoming standard. As Bob Olwig, Vice President of Corporate Business Development, WWT, states, “FlexPod is a trusted platform that combines a unified management and unified fabric with best-of-breed compute, network, storage, and management products into an easy-to-deploy architecture.” He goes on to say that FlexPod gives customers an “AI stack that can be implemented quickly with extreme efficiency and reduce any risk.”

Like electricity, the FlexPod standard can handle both large, mission-critical applications and edge workloads. Exciting innovations like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) or EPIC healthcare plug into the same industry-leading standardized components, like NetApp® FAS and AFF storage arrays, Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS®) servers, and Cisco Nexus® switches.

Soon, AI and ML technologies will move away from hype and also become standard. According to Gartner, by 2020, AI technologies will be in almost every new software product.[i] AI will increase profitability by 38 percent, generating $14 trillion in additional revenue by 2035.[ii]


To ensure increased business profits and maintain a competitive edge, a company needs a converged infrastructure that supports current AI and ML technologies and is also built to evolve and handle emerging technologies as well.


Businesses have varied reasons for adopting AI and ML, from profitability to streaming workloads. Whatever your reason, Flexpod for AI and ML prepares your business for digital transformation with its secure, reliable, and scalable converged infrastructure solution.

FlexPod is bringing its leading position in mission-critical workloads and the FlexPod converged infrastructure standard to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, powering these modern, enterprise applications with the latest platform innovations, including:

  • FlexPod for Artificial Intelligence
  • End-to-end NVMe
  • Next-generation technologies, like Cisco UCS 480 ML M5 servers with NVIDIA GPUs
  • Latest versions of enterprise applications
  • Enhanced cloud integration
  • One-call single-vendor support
  • CVD and NVA library of over 170 solutions

Like electricity, FlexPod is a reliable, standardized infrastructure that is trusted by customers around the world. In the same way that standardization led to greater innovation because electrical devices could focus on the application and not the electrical design, FlexPod allows customers to focus on their applications and business, not on their infrastructure.

To learn more about FlexPod for AI and ML, please visit:

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