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FlexPod for MEDITECH Software: Helping Put Patients First

I was intrigued recently to learn about ‘kaizen’,  the Japanese principle of continuous improvement across all aspects of business. Professionals in the healthcare industry apply the kaizen philosophy to improving patient outcomes. In parallel, NetApp and Cisco are applying the kaizen philosophy to our successful joint product – FlexPod.  

Healthcare is one industry we care about a lot. We have hundreds of hospitals, pharmas, and insurers that rely on FlexPod to deliver solutions designed to adhere to privacy concerns while being fast, scalable, and reliable. FlexPod has become an infrastructure standard in the healthcare space. 

Recently, I wrote a blog about that standard and our continued commitment to continuous improvement, with our announcement of the FlexPod standard into MEDITECH.  

Health Data Increasing by 48% Annually 

Data is vital to healthcare organizations, with a growing reliance on Big Data to provide the best patient care. The amount of health data created is increasing by 48 percent annually, and according to a Stanford University study, by 2020, estimates are that 2,314 exabytes of healthcare data will be produced each year.i Rapid technological advancements create tension in the healthcare industry, adding vast complexity while introducing a means to newly added value. However, legacy systems, budget shortfalls, and a lack of qualified IT professionals to manage infrastructure make managing Big Data challenging. FlexPod Datacenter Infrastructure for MEDITECH makes managing Big Data straightforward. 

The new FlexPod for MEDITECH software demonstrates how a converged infrastructure standard can translate to a healthcare setting. FlexPod for MEDITECH software, with automation and cloud connection, is an integral part of a kaizen approach to the healthcare market, delivering standardized infrastructure and allowing hospitals to focus on patients, not IT infrastructure.  

MEDITECH is an industry leader in electronic records systems, empowering organizations around the globe to handle the challenges of the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. MEDITECH users with legacy infrastructures that want to revitalize their systems can now benefit from a FlexPod MEDITECH solution that is both agile and scalable. The added benefit, FlexPod for Meditech software, also reduces the complication and cost of MEDITECH data center operations. 

FlexPod for MEDITECH software creates a patient-first infrastructure – a converged infrastructure provides a platform that enables healthcare organizations to deliver applications and services that are aligned to their efforts to improve patient outcomes. It is designed to handle MEDITECH software’s current and future requirements. It can automatically expand and contract to manage all MEDITECH’s integrated electronic health record (EHR) solutions. It performs exceptionally well, delivering simplicity, bullet-proof availability and reliability, and it adapts to smaller or larger healthcare organizations. 

The Benefits of FlexPod for Healthcare  

Performance. Both the NetApp AFF storage array (SPEC_SFS 2014) and the Cisco UCS Servers (150 world records to date) in the FlexPod solutions have set numerous performance records, allowing crucial patient data to be available fast, without error. 

Flexibility. FlexPod has over 170 Cisco Validated Designs (CVDs) and NetApp Verified Architectures (NVAs). FlexPod has the flexibility and blueprints to be a standard for not just MEDITECH but nearly all healthcare and general-purpose data center workloads.  

Adaptability. With automated management and scaling, FlexPod can also handle many different data center scenarios, such as multiprotocol, storage (block or file), all-flash or hybrid storage arrays, and almost all workloads. 

Simplicity. Some MEDITECH customers are smaller hospitals with limited IT resources, and they, too, can benefit from deploying FlexPod converged infrastructure. FlexPod enables faster time-to-value with its end-to-end blueprints (CVDs and NVAs), which can save healthcare organizations significant time and money in the initial deployment. 

Future proof. Because the FlexPod standard is so successful, FlexPod solutions incorporate new technologies quickly. 

Cisco and NetApp create technology that makes lives better; with FlexPod, the needs of the patient, not the infrastructure, come first. I encourage you to learn more about how FlexPod for Healthcare is putting people first.  

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