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FlexPod for Modern Applications – AI and Machine Learning

“83% of executives believe AI is a strategic priority for their businesses today[i], while at the same time, AI is becoming increasingly complex and demanding unprecedented levels of compute power.”

In this guest blog post from Siva Sivakumar, Senior Director, UCS Solutions, Computing Systems Product Group, at Cisco explores why over 170 validated designs are not enough and why the joint product teams of Cisco and NetApp continue to introduce new innovations to the FlexPod platform.

Recently, NetApp joined Cisco at Cisco Live Barcelona to announce our support for AI and Machine Learning. We are excited to bring you the latest CVD for AI and Machine Learning.

When I was talking about this announcement with one of our partners, he candidly said to me, “in the past when the business approached the infrastructure team to stand up an AI environment, the infrastructure team really weren’t sure how to scope it. Sometimes it would just be easier to let the business swipe a credit card and test it out themselves with a hyper-scalar. But now that we have a validated FlexPod design for AI and ML, IT can deliver all of the security, scalability, cost savings and value that internal IT delivers. This (new FlexPod validated design) is closing the conversation gap between IT and the business. It’s reducing risk and cost and that’s a win for everyone.”

I completely agree and discuss in greater detail how the new FlexPod AI platform automates nearly all aspects of rolling out an artificial intelligence (AI) workload.

Here are some statistics about AI you might find interesting:

If exploring AI and Machine Learning in your company is important to you, reach out to me Bruno.messina@netapp.com and I would be happy to connect you with a specialist on our team to answer your questions.

[i] MIT Sloan, “Reshaping Business with Artificial Intelligence,” https://sloanreview.mit.edu/projects/reshaping-business-with-artificial-intelligence

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