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FlexPod VDI Delivers the Standardization and Cloud Connection that VDI Requires

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Requires

To the disorderly landscape of virtual desktop infrastructure, FlexPod VDI brings order, synchronicity, scalability, efficiency, reliability, and consolidation. The FlexPod platform offers all the benefits VDI applications require:

  • make fast changes to the infrastructure using software-driven scalability: add, subtract, or repurpose compute, storage, and network resources granularly and non-disruptively
  • scale from ten users to hundreds of thousands of users quickly using innovative features such as NetApp® ONTAP® FlexGroup®
  • simplify infrastructure management, standardize, and consolidate your workloads using ONTAP software, storage virtual machines (SVMs), and adaptive quality of service (AQoS) capabilities

Customers need the ability to scale up or scale down their VDI a moment’s notice. The software-driven agility and scalability inherent in FlexPod VDI is critical.

FlexPod VDI Scaling Benefits

FlexPod VDI assists multiple dimensions of VDI scaling and is hybrid-cloud ready:

  • Need more capacity? You can non-disruptively add disks or SSDs to your NetApp AFF or FAS system.
  • Need more disks, SSDs, or NVMe drives? You can add disk shelves easily.
  • Need to backup, cache, tier, or DR data? You can add more public cloud storage as needed in all hyperscalers.
  • Need to quickly add workloads? You can use UCS Manager and storage arrays running ONTAP software.
  • Need to add more protocols? You can add protocols to the same array running ONTAP software.

Business Value of FlexPod for VDI & Other Workloads

A recent IDC survey of FlexPod customers found notable benefits of the business value of FlexPod, including:

  • 65% more time spent on innovation and new projects
  • 61% improvement in application performance
  • 60% decrease in unplanned downtime incidents
  • 34% decrease in data center floor space
  • 29% reduction in power and cooling
  • 24% saved in software capital expenditures

Benefits Beyond Business & Technology Superiority

Other significant benefits from FlexPod VDI include:

  • access to a wealth of VDI knowledge through the partner channel distributing FlexPod VDI
  • cloud-connected benefits through NetApp’s data fabric and Cisco CloudCenter management software
  • ability to consolidate VDI and other data center applications because of scalability
  • dramatic efficiency benefits provided by FlexPod’s UCS servers that constitute the core data center infrastructure
  • high reliability through the architecture’s redundant design, NetApp Snapshot™ copies, and software abstraction

If it’s time for you to get not only bulletproof scalability, but scalability with availability, consider FlexPod VDI.

FlexPod affects, changes, and synchronizes your VDI applications with exceptional benefits, and the efficiency you need.

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