IDC white paper

Agile and efficient—how FlexPod drives data center modernization

Deploy modern workloads, implement a hybrid cloud, and achieve data center consolidation with FlexPod.

The modern digital economy impacts every aspect of an enterprise, including the data center. IDC has found not only that converged infrastructure (CI) is a proven solution that propels enterprise modernization efforts, but also that FlexPod is a robust platform with cutting-edge functionality and extraordinary operational efficiency.

In this IDC paper you’ll discover:

  • The requirements of a modern CI solution
  • Insights from customers into the real-world benefits of FlexPod
  • The top workloads that customers run on FlexPod
  • The primary challenges that FlexPod solves
  • The efficiency gains driven by FlexPod

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“FlexPod has evolved to become a forward-looking, next-generation converged infrastructure platform that is ideal for modern workloads such as AI/ML, containers, DevOps, and big data and analytics.”