The Time Is Right for Converged Infrastructure with Flash

How to Get the CFO, CTO, and CIO on Board Now

Today, IT is becoming more dynamic, often making changes in parallel with the needs of the business. Converged infrastructure and flash technology, for example, have gained popularity in recent months because companies require higher performance, scalability, and flexibility from their infrastructure. If you’ve been eyeing CI or flash for your organization, here are some tips and information that may justify them to the powers that be.

Annual cost per raw terabyte of storage in 20141

(includes hardware, software, personnel, connectivity, facilities/occupancy, disaster recovery and unallocated storage)

Personnel = 26% of storage costs1

Flash Storage Is Now Within Reach

Flash affordability comes in terms of performance advantages:
reduced cooling and
space requirements

Three Ways to Convince the C-Suite That You Need Flash Now

1. Show Them That Flash Brings Data Reduction

Make sure you choose flash storage with data-reduction technology. All-flash arrays such as NetApp® All Flash FAS maintain superior performance while benefiting from in-line deduplication and compression.
Data Reduction

2. Bring on the Maintenance Savings

Choose a vendor with flexible, user-friendly business models and maintenance programs. With flash, consolidation of workloads can reduce overall hardware footprint and software licensing costs.
Maintenance Savings

3. Demonstrate the Personnel, Space, Power and Cooling Savings to Come

Collaborate with your HR and facilities teams to estimate savings. Simplicity can correlate to cost savings on personnel. And flash technology inherently requires less space, power, and cooling than spinning disk storage.
Personnel, Space, Power and Cooling Savings

FlexPod Advantage: Platform for Innovation, Unmatched Versatility, Trusted Worldwide

FlexPod® is a Cisco and NetApp prevalidated converged infrastructure solution featuring the latest Cisco UCS servers, Cisco Nexus fabric switches and NetApp All Flash FAS storage.
faster SQL Server
response time3
reduction in latency
over traditional disk3
improvement in
storage IOPS3
world record
faster provisioning
with Cisco ACI3
reduction in application
testing time3
of engineering
time reclaimed3
ROI in just 17 months3
Controller Upgrade
free storage
controller upgrade3
Performance of Flash
performance of flash
at the price of disk3