FlexPod: Is it Time to Refresh?

Four Compelling Reasons to Update with Flash

FlexPod solves IT and business challenges as a leader in converged infrastructure solutions. Now, six years after its debut, new technical innovations have created an advantageous refresh to FlexPod customers.
Here are the top reasons why you should refresh.
Here are the top reasons why you should refresh.
1. Business:
Accelerated Deployment, Stronger Security

Today, FlexPod lowers costs and drives higher performance through groundbreaking new features, interoperability, and all-flash performance.

Accelerate business processes:

  • Reclaim IT staff
  • Accelerate deployments
  • Automate for efficiency
  • Move data seamlessly
  • Scale and deploy without disruption

Improve security and risk management across the data center and cloud.

  • Get near-instant backup and recovery
  • Operate across hybrid-cloud resources
  • Maintain security, control and portability, inter-cloud
  • Safely run consolidated workloads
2. Financial:
Reduced Costs and Increased ROI
3. Operation:
Business Speed Mirrored by Operational Efficiency
Accelerate operations via end-to-end automation
Smooth orchestration of: Setup, configuration, maintenance and operations
Speed through simplicity
Application deployment reduced from months to weeks
Reduction in application testing timei
Faster provisioning with Cisco ACIi
4. Technical:
Unparalleled Performance
Major performance improvements with the latest Cisco UCS servers and NetApp All Flash FAS
Market-leading performance, flexibility, and optimization with UCS servers
Scale without disruption
Run enterprise
apps up to
faster with All Flash FASi

The FlexPod Platform for Innovation

An increasingly fluid business environment and profit pressures demand an infrastructure that can keep up. FlexPod, a Cisco and NetApp® prevalidated converged infrastructure solution, includes the latest Cisco UCS® servers, Cisco Nexus® switches, and NetApp all-flash storage, and consistently offers high-performance delivery of fast and secure business-critical applications. FlexPod supports both private and hybrid cloud designs, increasing efficiency and agility, and it scales seamlessly to meet the enterprise’s emerging needs. Fully redundant and scalable fabric provides seamless traffic failover if any individual component fails at the physical or virtual layer.
Platform for Innovation
A core platform for your cloud strategy can fuel and enable innovation.
  • Reclaim IT staff
  • Accelerate deployments
  • Automate for efficiency
  • Move data seamlessly
  • Scale and deploy without disruption
Unmatched Versatility
FlexPod can easily be tailored to meet your busines needs.
  • Decrease time to market
  • Accelerate time to value
  • Reduce workload migration times
  • Meet increasing application demands
  • Migrate data with edge-to-core-to-cloud flexibility
  • Save 47% of staff time during deployments of servers and virtual machinesii
Trusted Worldwide
Rely on a field-proven platform with continued market momentum and growth.

A robust, expansive ecosystem means that partners can help outsource, install, deploy, and maintain the converged and cloud infrastructure.

  • Predictable and assured performance
  • Minimize risk of adopting new technology
  • Partner with a strong ecosystem of application and integration vendors
  • Trusted by more than 8,700 enterprises worldwide