The True Value of Converged Infrastructure:

Customers speak out

The IT world is already realizing the full magnitude of what converged infrastructure (CI) can do for today's business. According to “Getting Results with Converged Infrastructure,” a white paper from ITCentralStation, CI has proven to be an effective solution for a wide array of enterprises. Read these customer comments and discover how CI has changed their IT - and their business - for the better.

Simplified by Design

Validated design means all the integrations have been completed prior to installation, which helps you avoid unforeseen problems, during deployment and beyond.

“You are not running into any gotchas.”

- IT Systems Administrator, speaking of validated design.

FlexPod converged infrastructure from Cisco and NetApp provides:


More than 150 validated designs for Oracle, SQL, VMware and much more.1


Validated designs for an extensive array of enterprise workloads.

Expand when you want. Build the data center you want.

FlexPod lets you grow at a very rapid pace, at a quarter of the cost in terms of physical hardware and staffing.

“Set up the rack, deploy the CI solution, and it’s up and running.”

- IT Director

Frees up your IT team faster.

Greater automation = less grunt work.

One Call Solves it All

Now you only need one support phone number in your favorites. FlexPod offers a single point of support for the entire stack.

“This makes my life so much easier.”

- IT Security Director


CI’s validated design, reference architecture, and support potential are linked.


“One throat to choke” support

Scalability Gives You Freedom to Grow

FlexPod's scalability results in a more agile infrastructure, which you need now more than ever.

“CI offers fantastic scalability. Each component can be scaled separately, which is very useful.”

- Technology Planner


You can add storage and compute separately.


FlexPod is massively scalable.2

FlexPod Advantage: Platform for Innovation, Unmatched Versatility, Trusted Worldwide

FlexPod is a Cisco and NetApp® prevalidated converged infrastructure solution featuring the latest Cisco UCS servers, Cisco Nexus fabric switches, and NetApp All Flash FAS storage.
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response time3
reduction in latency
over traditional disk3
improvement in
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faster provisioning
with Cisco ACI3
20% to 30%
reduction in application
testing time3
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time reclaimed3
ROI in just 17 months3
Controller Upgrade
Free storage
controller upgrade3
Performance of Flash
Performance of flash
at the price of disk3