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Meridian IT Combines Global Knowledge with Personal Service to Deliver Business Solutions That Work

“In an industry abound with buzzwords, the business value of IT investments can be shrouded in jargon and tech-speak. Meridian IT speaks the language.” — Meridian IT

Meridian IT has built its reputation by understanding how technology drives business outcomes. They speak the jargon of tech so their customers don’t have to, because, as Art Braune says, they have enough to worry about.

“One of the biggest challenges for our customers today is having to do more with less,” says Braune, a storage architect at Meridian IT. “They’re being asked to go in many different directions at the same time, and they don’t necessarily have the head count or in-house talent to do everything.”

White-glove service for messy challenges

Meridian IT is part of Meridian Group International, a collection of companies that specialize in IT systems integration and equipment leasing. As a global organization, Meridian has access to a vast range of expertise across their network, but they’re most proud of how they deliver it: personalized, with a boutique feel. They know their customers well, which fosters high-value conversations about matching technology solutions with their business goals.

“Knowing what to put in the cloud and what not to put in the cloud is a regular conversation that we have with customers,” Braune says.

From Meridian’s Midwest headquarters in Illinois, Braune sees more organizations moving file-sharing workloads to the cloud so that remote offices and remote workers can access documents on the go. He has also noticed more specialized workloads being moved to the cloud with additional hands-on support from Meridian technicians.

“I’m seeing things that customers don’t necessarily have the internal skills to support, like credit card transactions,” he says. “Pushing some of those workloads to a service model in the cloud means they don’t need to acquire that in-depth expertise — they can have confidence that it’s going to work and that it will meet the relevant compliance requirements.”

Navigational support for cloud options

Braune says hybrid cloud makes a lot of sense for small and medium-sized businesses, especially for organizations that don’t have a disaster recovery plan.

“Hybrid cloud solutions let customers have the best of both worlds. Replicating it in the cloud means they don’t have to build another data centre, and they can still have their proprietary data on-premises,” he explains.

Customers are adopting cloud solutions at increasing rates. According to a report from research firm Gartner, the worldwide public cloud services market is projected to grow 17.5 percent in 2019.[i]

Like many market analysts, Braune also believes the trend toward multi-cloud will continue to grow as savvy customers seek to optimize costs, while the big cloud players adjust prices to grow their market share.

“As customers leverage up, they can also leverage geo-diversity in their data by having data with more than one cloud provider,” he adds.

As CloudTech news noted, multi-cloud strategies offer the ability to pick and choose solutions as IT leaders seek to avoid dependence on a single cloud provider. At the same time, those strategies can have challenging security, governance, and integration considerations.[ii]

Helping customers navigate that landscape is where Meridian excels.

“Meridian has the resources to support those decisions, so when we partner with them, we’re able to plug in the right people to fill those gaps,” Braune says.

Solutions that deliver results

At the end of the day, Braune says, what customers really want is certainty from the solutions they choose to implement, something that factors heavily into the recommendations Braune makes.

“Component-based designs like FlexPod provide options that are proven,” he says. “That’s a huge relief for customers because they have a road map; they’re not reinventing the wheel with each thing they want to do.”

With updated software and clean new interfaces, including new offerings like NetApp’s Converged Systems Advisor Cisco’s Intersight, customers are getting valuable insights into their system utilization.

“As a former systems administrator, that kind of information set me free,” he says. “A FlexPod environment gives that visibility, which makes it easy to do a root cause analysis if something goes wrong, then develop a strategy to address it.”

No matter what the component parts are, Meridian’s main goal is to deliver the right solutions to support what their customers want to accomplish with their businesses, all with a white-glove touch.

“Companies are doing really cool things with their data, from genome research to high-frequency trading,” Braune says. “It’s an exciting time to be in this business.”

For more information about Meridian’s expertise, visit the Meridian IT website.

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