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“Relax, We Care”: NTS Cultivates Extensive Expertise So That Customers Can Focus On Their Core Business

As an IT solutions provider with extensive expertise in systems integration, NTS is proud of their ability to deliver creative infrastructure solutions.

It’s a badge of honour that Jürgen Tabojer is delighted to wear, but not many people get to see it. Tabojer is the NTS Territory Manager for Germany and he’s happiest when frontline people don’t need to know he’s there.

“We operate in the background,” he explains. “If the background operates successfully, our customers have more time to develop their own businesses. Our job is to maintain a fully functioning system so that our customers can focus on generating more business value.”

Headquartered in Austria, NTS has grown substantially since first opening its doors in 1995. Tabojer is responsible for expanding the company’s business in the German market, and he’s draws on the company’s core strength in order to achieve this.

“Without a doubt, our biggest differentiator compared to other companies is our highly skilled technicians,” he says.

NTS has a small portfolio, and each technician has extensive knowledge of the solutions they deploy, as well as their customers’ operating environments. The same technician is involved in every step of a project, from initial consultation to final implementation, providing a consistency that customers value.

“Our relationships with our customers are deep-rooted because they bond with their assigned technician, who services their facilities right from day one to the end of an installation,” Tabojer says.

It’s a deliberate strategy that NTS implements to ensure that every customer receives reliable, high-quality service from someone who knows their needs.

Investing in education

NTS delivers this continuity by investing heavily in their staff. Each of the company’s 300 employees has an education strategy that’s designed with their future career path in mind. Every junior employee is matched with a senior systems engineer, which accelerates their development.

“Our employees learn from the best, and they reach high levels really quickly,” Tabojer notes.

This approach to talent management gives NTS an edge in a competitive market. According to a study by Global Knowledge, the skills gap among IT professionals continues to persist. “More training support is needed,” the Global Knowledge report says. “Over one-third of organizations don’t allocate training funds, while 54 percent of IT decision-makers aren’t approving training. If these trends continue, skills gaps will rise even further.”[i]

Specialization means differentiation

Tabojer believes that maintaining deep expertise is critical to the way that IT services will be delivered in the future.

“In the next few years, the IT department trend will move more towards becoming a service coordination organization,” he says. “They will be responsible for ensuring that services are delivered, but they will no longer be responsible for the execution.”

The reason is simple: As IT needs become more complex, it’s no longer feasible for an in-house team to have the depth of knowledge they need to optimize their systems. The new role of the IT team will be to identify and manage partners who have those skills.

“The practice of using just one partner will be no longer — the best partner for each of their needs will be selected individually, and the new role of the IT team will be to steer those partners in the right direction,” he says. “Specialization will be what will differentiates partners.”

The focus on specialization isn’t unique to the tech industry. Writing for Forbes, Larry Alton says that specialization allows companies in any sector to deliver a stronger value proposition. “When you specialize, you’re able to provide your target market with a superior value proposition over companies that generalize in a related field. You essentially become a bigger fish in a smaller pond, as opposed to the other way around,” Alton says.[ii]

NTS is already seeing this trend in action. They recently worked with an international brand that has more than 25,000 employees in 180 countries. Despite the client’s size, the in-house infrastructure team has only five people, who worked closely with NTS to refine and execute a new IT strategy.

“It’s a dramatic transformation, but by doing this, one can allow absolute focus on what we do best, and allow others to follow in this regard,” says Tabojer. “Not only large companies will do this — smaller companies will benefit as well.”

Supporting the cycle

The model works because each partner brings deep knowledge in their area of expertise, which generates the most effective solutions. It’s also what NTS appreciates about using FlexPod in its solutions.

NTS has developed its own software for data center orchestration and automation, which it deploys using FlexPod. Tabojer appreciates the versatility of FlexPod and the range of validated designs that NetApp and Cisco have developed.

“Very often, a validated design already exists before the customer´s specific need arises for it,” Tabojer says. “Knowing that the workload runs effectively in our customer’s environment is a great advantage due to the fact that it’s been tested, and NetApp and Cisco are always in the background identifying solutions to new issues.”

The confidence that NTS receives from using FlexPod gives them freedom to focus their energy on their client, who can, in turn, focus on their own business without worrying about their IT infrastructure. It’s a virtuous cycle that’s built into NTS’s DNA. The company slogan is, “Relax, we care,” and it’s evident in all aspects of their operations.

“NTS cares about their employees – that’s why our employees can deliver what our customers need,” he adds.  

As Tabojer works to grow his company’s business in the German market, he encourages customers to take advantage of that.

“Involving NTS as early as possible in the process is always one of the best things our customers can do,” he says. “We are the bridge between their vision and practical solutions to help them reach their goals.  This is due to our thorough understanding of their business.”

To learn more about NTS and their expertise, visit their website: www.nts.eu/en/.

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[ii] https://www.forbes.com/sites/larryalton/2016/12/20/5-reasons-modern-businesses-are-turning-to-specialization/#58eb11404a29

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