User Reflections on a Multicloud-Enabled Infrastructure

FlexPod and Enterprise IT: User Reflections on a Multicloud-Enabled Infrastructure

FlexPod customers review FlexPod’s performance, flexibility, cost savings, and multicloud experience, from IT Central Station
This PeerPaper Report from IT Central Station brings real FlexPod users’ experiences to life. It shares their points of view on FlexPod’s performance, scalability, workload diversity, analytics, high availability, and more. It also discusses the role of trust in selecting a converged infrastructure solution that supports a multicloud experience.
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FlexPod User Reviews


“[FlexPod] makes it easier for a company to manage a large number of environments. This makes it a bit more streamlined on management, deployment, and orchestration. The solution works great for multicloud environments because you can segment the platform.”


“We’ve experienced about 28-30% improvement in application Performance, and in our industry that’s actually a very significant improvement.”


“It’s still a much more scalable architecture compared to some of the competing solutions that are out there.”