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As your enterprise strives for digital transformation and operational efficiency, you need technology that can support dramatic shifts across the organization. That means simplifying IT and reducing costs while being responsive to changing market conditions and business needs.

FlexPod is the hybrid cloud platform built for the changing landscape and the future of IT. It enables you to optimize the data center for your most demanding applications, and gives IT the capacity for innovation.

FlexPod delivers a trusted, global platform for innovation, with unmatched versatility, driving best-in-class converged infrastructure solutions that support enterprises and enable service providers to:

  • Power the most demanding AI needs with an optimized infrastructure
  • Integrate advanced cloud services with the only hybrid, multi-cloud CI stack
  • Manage data easily from edge to core to cloud
  • Dramatically reduce data center costs, streamline IT and simplify support
  • Operate with confidence and meet the needs of diverse workloads

For organizations of all sizes, across verticals, in all parts of the world, FlexPod delivers:


Platform for


Power your modern AI and enterprise applications

  • Power the most demanding AI applications with infrastructure optimized for analytic workloads
  • Assure performance of modern enterprise applications with next generation compute, storage and fabric in a validated solution
  • Dramatically reduce data center costs with industry leading efficiencies
  • Confidently integrate the newest capabilities with rapid validation of the latest technologies



Embrace private & hybrid cloud with confidence

  • Integrate advanced cloud services with the only hybrid, multi- cloud CI stack
  • Manage easily from edge to core to cloud to support modern data and compute requirements
  • Non-stop operations for your applications and data with built-in HA, backup, DR, and security
  • Meet the needs of diverse workloads with granular scalability and broad application support



Deliver a better customer experience

  • Simplify your support experience with full stack support from a single vendor
  • Operate with confidence on an platform and partnership trusted worldwide
  • Continually optimize your operations with intelligent, actionable insights
  • Streamline IT administration by delivering a simple, cloud-like experience

Ray Ciscon, Senior Systems Engineer

"It leveraged the existing technologies we had with new blade server technology and NetApp's expandable storage."

Andrew Bradley, CIP System Engineer

“It's a flexible, stable solution that allows us to use the various component together with few outages.”

Mark Latimer, IT Manager

“We've been able to scale it easily, having gone through growth cycles, especially with clustered ONTAP.”

3D FlexPod Virtual Tour

Modern data centers are built upon FlexPod. Explore how you will benefit from this ideal converged infrastructure solution.

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