FlexPod for AI/ML

Build an end-to-end AI lifecycle with automated data management and an enhanced user experience.

FlexPod: Accelerate
your AI projects

If your organization needs to accelerate access to business insights, it’s time to consider FlexPod AI. The solution is built to power your AI/ML workloads and databases, so you can make faster, more informed decisions and give yourself a competitive edge.

Power your demanding workloads

  • Deliver results faster by improving your performance, scale, operational consistency, and resilience—without making any sacrifices in security.

  • Modernize your business without an expensive dedicated AI infrastructure by leveraging a shared workload platform that provides excellent results.

  • Reduce data storage capacity requirements up to 10x with deduplication and compression techniques.

FlexPod all-flash solutions for AI/ML apps

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FlexPod all-flash solutions for AI/ML save time, energy, and money by running a solution that operates at peak performance without constant management or tuning. See how FlexPod can accelerate your AI/ML initiatives.

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  • 65% more time spent
    on innovation and new projects

  • 34% reduction
    in data center floor space

  • 32% faster software
    installation and management

  • 28% savings
    on services, outsourcing, and consulting

  • 24% Capex reduction
    for both hardware and software

Source: 2019 IDC paper

Customer success story

AI is not AI without the application that we write into it. Whether it’s data aggregation, learning, [or] pouring out the analytics, the intelligence helps specific applications respond to requirements within a business structure. That’s what FlexPod enables us to do.”

Business Technical Consultant, tech services company of 5,000+ employees

FlexPod enables better agility and drives AI goals

At a large tech services company, the team uses FlexPod for compute and networking storage to launch apps more easily and dynamically.

With FlexPod enabling apps to support AI objectives, they reduced the number of hours it takes to construct a data center and experienced a 28% to 30% improvement in app performancea significant difference in their industry.

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Modern data centers with hybrid clouds are built on FlexPod. In this 3D virtual tour, you can explore our industry-leading platform and see how you’ll benefit.

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