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DevOps modernizes every aspect of IT and provides the agility needed for rapid development and continuous deployment. FlexPod with All Flash FAS (AFF) provides a responsive, reliable foundation to support your DevOps strategy. With sub-millisecond latency and the ability to scale on demand – without costly downtime – FlexPod delivers the resources that your development and operations teams need, right when they need them, so you can deliver apps and solutions faster.

DevOps Use Cases

Automate Workflows.
Improve Productivity.

The DevOps strategy relies heavily upon your ability to automate workflows. The FlexPod Datacenter solution and integrated ONTAP 9 technologies, such as Snapshot copies, FlexClone volumes, Cloudbees Jenkins Enterprise APIs and Docker containers, provide a stable DevOps environment built for maximizing automated workflows. With faster deployment potential, higher efficiency and less risk, this FlexPod solution enables you to improve developer productivity, reduce build times and optimize storage space.

See how integrating FlexPod provides a solid foundation for Platform-as-a-Service delivery models to rapidly and securely build, test and deploy applications with minimum friction with system and platform teams.

DevOps Customer Stories

Virtual Environments at Full Speed

Polaris Alpha provides custom software that allows government agencies to quickly evaluate potential threats and make informed decisions. Speed is a mission-critical must-have for this company, and they found that FlexPod provides a flexible foundation that delivers the agility they need to rapidly deliver their potentially life-saving solutions. “The speed of FlexPod with All Flash FAS ties nicely into the DevOps model. Moving to FlexPod has enhanced our ability to leverage virtualization and IT automation with all the speed of all-flash storage.” – Brad Stoddard, DevOps engineer at Polaris Alpha

With FlexPod, Polaris Alpha was able to:

  • See a 46:1 data efficiency increase
  • Use 75% less data center space
  • Cut provisioning time from 6 weeks to 15 minutes

Download the Success Story:

Better Agility for DevOps Helps Polaris Alpha Accelerate Time to Market


DevOps Process for Accelerated Time to Market

Evolve from agile to continuous with FlexPod and achieve the DevOps standards of Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD).

Highly Efficient Self-service Workflows

Go to market quickly, delivering powerful, consumer-pleasing web and mobile applications on a platform that provides the potential for continuous deployment.

Integrate NetApp

Provide platform as a service to enable developers to rapidly and securely deploy code, test, and production environments with minimal friction with system and platform teams.

3D FlexPod Virtual Tour

Modern data centers are built upon FlexPod. Explore how you will benefit from this ideal converged infrastructure solution.

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All-flash converged infrastructure gets down to business with the speed and responsiveness to take on any challenge, business and workload.