FlexPod for Machine Learning

The Efficiency to Handle Big Data

FlexPod: Success at Scale

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Success in machine learning depends on a combination of precision floating-point performance, dense storage capacity and powerful processing speeds all wrapped up in a platform that’s easy to deploy and manage. FlexPod from NetApp and Cisco combines best-in-class compute, network and storage in a single cabinet that lets you scale each component independently while never missing a beat in your processing.

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Enhanced Data Access and Management

As a machine learning expert, your data is critical to your success; you can’t afford to lose access to a single file or line of code. With Cisco ACI, secure infrastructure architectures can be easily created. And with NetApp ONTAP and the NetApp Data Fabric, you can access data from any location, including the cloud, increasing the ability to work with real-world data sets while maintaining snapshots, mirrors and clones that reduce latency and provide easy version control.

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Built for Efficiency

You have a lot of real-world data to process, and you can’t waste time worrying about your infrastructure. FlexPod offers significant physical efficiencies that result in direct savings on power, cooling and data center footprint, while also minimizing the need for hands-on management. With FlexPod in your data center, you’ll avoid bottlenecks that waste system resources, and you’ll save time, energy and money by running a solution that operates at peak performance without constant management or tuning.


FlexPod and NVIDIA

See how FlexPod and NVIDIA combine the right functional models and powerful processing to enable successful machine learning.

Read the Solution Brief:

Machine Learning with FlexPod and NVIDIA
Successful machine learning requires the right functional model, powerful processing and real-world data.

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Modern data centers are built upon FlexPod. Explore how you will benefit from this ideal converged infrastructure solution.

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