Managed Private Cloud

Managed Private Cloud (MPC) for FlexPod

Performance, Scale, On-Premises/Off-Premises

FlexPod: Advance Your Cloud Journey

FlexPod: Advance Your Cloud Journey

Enterprise IT administrators can be faced with difficult choices when moving their applications toward public clouds. Business-critical applications often require localized, low-latency platforms, and moving to external full-service clouds can limit data sovereignty and location flexibility. Scaling infrastructure in core data centers and at multiple sites may stretch the resources of skilled IT staff and data center infrastructure. FlexPod Managed Private Cloud (MPC) allows IT administrators to enable a private-cloud-as-a-service model to address data sovereignty, location flexibility, and scalable staff resources for their on-premises IT.

With FlexPod Managed Private Cloud, IT can:


Address Data Sovereigntyon a platform of innovation



Handle Location Flexibilitywhile maintaining unmatched versatility



Deliver Low-Latency and Maximize Performancewith best-in-class infrastructure that is trusted worldwide

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