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FlexPod: Media and Entertainment

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As part of the media and entertainment industry, your data center faces steep challenges as consumer demand increases for streaming media and around-the-clock content delivery. Additionally, you’re leveraging a global workforce that needs secure, fast access to data-intensive applications and extremely large files. Your data footprint is only going to grow as both consumer demand and your own production continue to rise, and you don’t have the time to worry about whether your data center can keep up.

FlexPod, from Cisco and NetApp provides a scalable, flexible and secure data center solution that will enable both your customer-facing and back-end systems to deliver maximum performance today while supporting your company’s future vision.

Media and Entertainment Use Cases

Built for Your Most
Intensive Processing

Companies that deal in digital media, video editing, animation, photo retouching and graphics layouts are struggling to meet the storage and processing needs of their workforce. FlexPod Datacenter works seamlessly with Citrix XenDesktop and NVIDIA GRID to deliver professional graphics processing power directly from the cloud that scales without downtime or disruption.

For more information about how you can store centrally, produce globally, and accelerate graphics production using FlexPod, download our solution brief.

A Flexible Foundation
for Shared Services

Embrace Virtualization to Provide
World-Class Entertainment

Customer Stories

The Cherokee Nation Business

The Cherokee Nation Business standardized on FlexPod to support an agile, shared-services model for its remote casinos that provided nonstop data access and five-nines uptime with support for rapid expansion.

Read the case study.

Aegis Media

Aegis Media, the world’s leading media and digital communications group, doubled business growth in five years on top of a FlexPod infrastructure.

Read the case study.


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Modern data centers are built upon FlexPod. Explore how you will benefit from this ideal converged infrastructure solution.

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