FlexPod for the Oil, Gas and Energy Industry

Real-time data that supports remote operations

FlexPod: Energy

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In the oil, gas and energy industry, cyclical business cycles require companies to operate efficiently and effectively to handle sudden bursts of rapid expansion. You can’t be held back by the latency of inefficient IT systems.

FlexPod, from Cisco and NetApp, enables your company to rapidly deploy virtualized environments in the field that react as if the user was sitting on location with the data server. Even the most data-intensive applications can be run across geos, serving 3D imagery, video and more at speeds that will enable productivity, and with security that will inspire confidence in your enterprise.

Energy Use Cases

Boost Productivity in the Field

When you combine FlexPod Datacenter with Ciritx XenDesktop and NVIDIA GRID, you’ll enter a new world of remote, 3D access. Run geology and geophysics applications with speed and precision in your centralized data centers, and allow geographically dispersed, cross-disciplinary teams to access data in near real time on virtual desktops.

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Customer Stories

Apache Corporation

Apache Corporation relies on FlexPod technology to boost productivity and save hours of processing time each day by providing near-real-time access to 3D models on remote, virtualized desktops.

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Laredo Petroleum, Inc.

Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC)

With FlexPod, the EAC was able to minimize backup time, shorten reporting time, lower TCO and more by eliminating legacy systems and virtualizing their data center platform.

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Cyta Hellas

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Modern data centers are built upon FlexPod. Explore how you will benefit from this ideal converged infrastructure solution.

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